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        • 區域范圍
        • 功能定位
        • 發展目標
        • 發展思路
        • 管理架構
        • 宣傳片
        • 自貿動態
        • 媒體報道
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          In 2017, China (Hubei) Pilot Free Trade Zone Wuhan Area was formally listed to establish, and it was the largest plate and the most mature area in China (Hubei) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

          • Location
          • Function Positioning
          • Development Goals
          • Development Concepts
          • Management Structure
          • The total area is located in the mature core region in Optics Valley of China.
                The area covers 70 square kilometers.
                It contains 7 industrial parks.
            It covers entire East Lake Free Trade Zone, and partially Biolake, The Future City, Optics Valley Central City, Optoelectronic Information Industry Park, Optics Valley Modern Service Industrial Park, Optics Valley Smart?Manufacturing Industrial Park.
          • Key Industries to Develop
                Strategic emerging industry: next generation of information technology, life and health industry, intelligent manufacturing, etc.
                Modern service industry: international commerce, financial service, modern logistics,inspection and detection, R&D design, information service, and professional service, etc.

            Special area supervised by customs

            It mainly?explores?the institutional innovation with trade facilitation as the main content, primarily?in bonded processing, bonded logistics, bonded service and other business.

            Non-area under special customs supervision

            It mainly explores the investment system reforming, improves regulation in the process and after the process, promotes financial system innovation, and actively develops modern service industry and high-end manufacturing industry.
          • A?globally?influential innovation and entrepreneurship center and a "World Valley" for global resources and talents.
            Establishment of three areas and a highland
                Pilot area driven by innovation and opening-up
                Demonstration areas for advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry
                Concentration area for strategic emerging industry and high technology industry
                Central regional?highland open to the world
          • Dual Linkage
                “Dual linkage” of National Pilot FTZ and Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone
            Development by Two Wheels
                Development by two wheels (innovation and opening-up)
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